With the new Kinex Salt Monitor, you get automatic notifications when it’s time to add salt, and you can check the status at any time. No more guessing!
Kinetico Kinex™ offers a “hands-off” experience. Your authorized, independent Kinetico dealer will install your Kinetico Kinex™ system and provide any needed service including salt monitoring.

Never Manually Check Your Salt Level Again!

- No guessing how much salt is in the tank.
- No hard water because the salt ran out.
- No stocking too much salt, just in case.
- No manually checking your brine tank.

Checking your salt level is as easy as checking The Kinetico App on your Smartphone

- Most recent salt fill date.
- Estimated days to deplete the current salt in the brine tank, or a 40lb bag based on usage.
- Estimated number of bags needed to reach the maximum brine tank level.
- Salt consumption data in simple graphs.